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Skimo Smart Meeting Recorder - Free

Skimo Smart Meeting Recorder is a meeting recording and annotation software which is installable in both Mac and Windows

It enables users to record the video of any meeting as well as record notable events and annotate any part of the video regardless of the meeting provider.

Skimo Smart Meeting Recorder comes standard with Skimo Newton Video Player enabling viewers to watch the recordings, and be able to access your bookmarks and annotations in the recordings.

Skimo Newton Video Player

Skimo Newton Video Player is a video player for the Skimo Engine.

Skimo Newton Video Player enables users to skim any informational video such as webinar, learning or presentation video, enabling them to "page through" the video, search for text on slides, search for utterances, annotate and bookmark the video as though it was an ebook.

To see Skimo Newton Video Player in action, press the continue with Google button.

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