Skim the Video

What is Skimo?

Skimo lets you skim the video, any long video, automatically and fast. To see Skimo in action, choose any long-form video in any language and request to create a "Skimo" which is a 3-minute video highlights, of the points of interest, of the video and we will notify you over email, when the Skimo is ready to watch.

For 1/2-hour TV shows, the Skimo created is 3-minutes long. For videos, longer than that, the Skimo length is proportional to the duration of the video.

Skimo Engine

Skimo Engine is a video summarization and indexing engine, that uses advanced machine learning/computer vision algorithms, to automatically detect points of interest, based on the genre of the video, regardless of the language.

Skimo takes a unique approach, in determining the points of interest in a video, by audio,video and closed-caption analysis


Skimo Catchup TV and VOD Discovery Solution

TV Shows are being watched, whenever consumers want to and not necessarily at the appointed time, wherever they prefer to and not necessarily in the living room, however they like and not just the big screen.

This provides the ability for viewers to watch video “however much” they want to, ranging from a single episode to binge-watch, i.e., watch multiple episodes at once.

We decided to push this “However much” trend to the extreme, by providing the ability for viewers to “catch-up” missed episodes, super fast.

Skimo Catch up TV and VOD Discovery Solution for Pay TV Operators, lets their subscribers rapidly catch-up DVR Recordings and TV Playbacks. It also enables Operators, a new and unique way to sample and discover VOD Assets, before VOD consumers decide to buy a TV Show episode, a "Google Books for TV Shows".

Skimo In-Program Contextual Advertising Solution

Skimo ID provides branding and cuepoints metadata. Branding is designed to improve TV Show engagement. Branding for a TV show, includes such things as trivia, polls and quizzes. Cuepoints provide the ability to the operator to serve banner ads, based on the "objects of interest" mentioned in the TV Show.


Skimo Cuepoints Solution

Most Online Videos that you watch have an ad-supported model. But, you would see that the ads appear at a regular interval and would cut abruptly in the middle of a sentence after which a mid-roll ad is shown. The alternative to this bad user experience, is manually cherry-picking where to serve ads. This manual process is both laborious and time-consuming. With the Skimo Cuepoints solution, the video is analyzed by the Skimo Engine and cuepoints are determined automatically in a matter of minutes.