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Skimo Engine

Introducing Skimo Newton Beta

Skimo Newton is a product developed for the "New Normal" Zoom workplace using the Skimo Engine. Skimo Newton lets you skim any webinar or presentation video, like a book with ability to search for terms what was presented. To see Skimo Newton in action, press the continue with Google button.

Skimo Engine

Skimo Engine is a video summarization and indexing engine, which uses machine learning, computer vision and video processing algorithms to automatically detect points of interest based on the genre of the video, regardless of the language.

Skimo Flix

TV Shows are being watched, whenever consumers want to and not necessarily at the appointed time, wherever they prefer to and not necessarily in the living room, however they like and not just the big screen.

This provides the ability for viewers to watch video “however much” they want to, ranging from a single episode to binge-watch, i.e., watch multiple episodes at once.

We decided to push this “However much” trend to the extreme, by providing the ability for viewers to “catch-up” missed episodes, super fast.

Skimo Flix for Pay TV Content Providers and Operators, lets their subscribers rapidly catch-up DVR Recordings and TV Playbacks. It also enables Operators, a new and unique way to sample and discover VOD Assets, before VOD consumers decide to buy a TV Show episode.